Combating covid-19

Children are prone to diseases despite the COVID-19 Statistics show children are not the most victims. Keeping them save from the pandemic is inevitable. Moreover CEDC has continued to sensitize communities wear masks, social distance, sanitary practices by use of sanitizers, nutritious well feeding on fruits and vegetables to raise body immunity and physical exercises.

Our Mission

To initiate innovative programs for the needy communities in resolving challenges upon Agriculture, Health, Leadership, Environment, Education and Tourism .Well implemented and attained sustenance of standard livelihood. 

Our Vision

To see all persons in the communities attaining best living standard, wellness, prosperity and justice We aim to create the country without poverty exposing children, women and youth with the fullest enjoyment in the communities.

Become a Volunteer

We thus welcome, whoever is touched by the lives of the poor to support our programs, as we are all the human beings deserving the same for living in this universe.


Child centred approach to eradicate households' poverty ensuring food security

Living in poverty, children suffer from hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and health services and social violence. We also incorporate women and youth to eliminate poverty for families' wellbeing attaining good life to marginalized children.



It takes years to sustain environmental conservation

Environmental conservation is inevitable only for imparting the spirit to small holder farmers. Cutting of trees in our communities has been common for the number of years. You can support this endeavour for living organisms' wellbeing, upcoming young generations and regulating climate change crises.



Nurturing child to participate home economic engagements

Entrepreneurs originate from childhood. We support women to up bring children participate home activities to ensure children nourishments, families income and food security lessening violence.


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Our target areas

Youth Empowerment
Women Empowerment
Health and Nutrition
Households Economy
Environment Conservation
Education Access